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What is 3d printer?

A 3D printer is unlike your standard, 2D inkjet printer. On a 3D printer the object is printed in three dimensions. A 3D model is built up layer by layer. Therefore the whole process is called rapid prototyping, or 3D printing.

The resolution of the current printers is around 328 x 328 x 606 DPI (xyz) at 656 x 656 x 800 DPI (xyz) in ultra-HD resolution. The accuracy is 0.025 mm – 0.05 mm per inch. The model size is up to 737 mm x 1257 mm x 1504 mm.

The biggest drawback for the individual home user is still the high cost of 3D printer. Another drawback is that it takes hours or even days to print a 3D model (depending on the complexity and resolution of the model).

Besides above, the professional 3D software and 3D model design is also in a high cost range.

Alternatively there are already simplified 3D printers for hobbyist which are much cheaper. And the materials it uses is also less expensive.

These 3D printers for home use are not as accurate as commercial 3D printer.

What if i have no 3d printing experience?

I have no 3D design experience, how long does it take to learn 3D modeling?

You can learn how to 3D model by learning how to use 3D modeling tools such as Rhino, Blender or SketchUp. It will take you some weeks to be familiar with 3D modeling tools such as SketchUp, Rhino and Blender.

To become a professional user will take you at least half a year to study and practice.

How to make money with your 3d printer?

With additive manufacturing technology, objects can be produced with a high level of customization and complexity while also bringing down costs. Furthermore, there is now the multitool 3D printers that are even more versatile – some even call them all-in-one machines. Let’s take a look at different industries which have been transformed by 3D printing and how to make money with a 3D printer.

One of the easiest ways to make money with a 3D printer is to offer the printer as a commercial service or to sell items that are made with it. Businesses and individuals often want objects produced through 3D printing, but don’t have the equipment. Additionally, as a skilled designer, you can make items and sell them. For both approaches, you can find robust marketplace communities that help to facilitate your services.

Where can I get free 3d models sample for my 3d printing project?

Here are some website with 3D models database: